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Experience the whale watching, fall in love with the Wine Route, camp in beautiful natural attractions, do extreme sports on beautiful beaches, experience excursions in the dunes, taste Mediterranean cuisine, learn about the craft centres, community museums, missionary sites, small magic towns and great cosmopolitan cities, be surprised with its cave paintings and other vestiges of the first settlers, and be pampered in the boutique hotels and enjoy unique features that Baja California has to offer.



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"The  Mexican  cuisine  stands  out  for  its  colourful  and  flavoursome  food  and  for  this Baja  California  is  the  precursor  of  culinary  trends,  featuring  some  of  the  best restaurants of Mexican and international cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, French and Spanish, as well as the new trend for many mouths called “Urban Kitchen”. We share a list of the “must try” drinks and dishes when visiting this region. 

The  drink  became  popular  during  the  New  Port  Beach  regatta  in  the  mid  50’s,  it emerged in Ensenada as a request by Margarita Orozco David “Deny” Negrete, who took the “martini”, squeezed one ounce of lemon, half of tequila and three quarteres of  an  ounce  of  Cointreau,  and  served  the  mixture  into  a  frosted  neck  glass  with lemon and salt.

The   second   creation   that   emerged   in   this   northwestern   Mexican   state   is   a combination  of  tomato  juice  and  clam.  The  drink  was  created  in  the  hotel  bar Lucerna, Mexicali.

Caesar Salad
The third creation of Baja California, which originated in the first half of last  century in the  Cesar Cardini’s  restaurant,  where  one  night,  when  the  kitchen  was  closed  and the  customers  demanded  to  eat  something,  for  the  first time,  the  chef  prepared antipasto   of   Roman   lettuce,   garlic,   Dijon   mustard,   eggs,   pepper,   anchovies, parmesan and croutons.  

Chinese Cuisine
It will seem strange, but in Mexicali the dining experience also includes these dishes with a range of over 100 Chinese restaurants of the highest quality. This abundance is  due  to the fact  that  thousands of  Chinese  migrants began  to  settle  since  the  late 18th Century, and today, a century later, the oriental heritage is evident

Baked bread in brick oven
If the sweet bread leads you to explore villages and entire cities, a visit to Tecate will be  more  than necessary.  There, the  bakers  have  inherited  the  tradition of baking  in brick  ovens,  and  the  bread  has  the  variety  and  creativity that  characterizes  the industry  in  other  parts  of  the  country:  shells,  ears,  horns,  campechanas,  cocoles, piglets...

Apple Pie
In  San  Antonio  de  las  Minas, one of the  three  main  towns  that  make  up the  Valley, awaits  a  secret  ready  to  conquer  your  palate  by  way  of  dessert:  apple  pie of  the region in the Meson de Leonardo’s, where breakfasts are also classic."

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Update on Earthquake in Central Mexico September 26th, 2017

The Mexico Tourism Board informs that tourist attractions remain open and operating in Mexico, despite damages reported in Puebla, Morelos, and Mexico City.

Museums in Mexico City have started opening normally since yesterday. Out of the 310 tourist hotels in Mexico City, all but 6 are open for business. Additionally, we are thankful to report that no other international tourism destinations in Mexico have been affected and are operating normally. Given these facts, there is no reason for visitors to cancel travel plans to Mexico.

In Puebla, all tourist attractions, including El Teleférico and La Estrella de Puebla, remain open and operating normally. The highway into Puebla as well as the airport also remain open, offering regular access to the many popular sites in the state and the surrounding areas.

Recent reports from Morelos indicated 85% of hotels and spas are operating normally, and highlighted the level of coordination and communication between Government response and recovery efforts and the INAH.

The Mexico Tourism Board, and the entire tourism industry, remains focused on ensuring visitors in the impacted areas receive any assistance necessary while continuing with their existing travel plans. Mexico’s Government at all levels continues to carry out response plans and support the individuals impacted.

Updates on the situation will be shared as new information becomes available.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Mexico Tourism Board


Thank you for your support



Septiembre 26, 2017

El Consejo de Promoción Turística de México informa que todas las atracciones turísticas permanecen abiertas y en operación a pesar de los daños reportados en Puebla, Morelos y la Ciudad de México.

Los museos en la Ciudad de México reabrieron sus puertas el pasado 25 de septiembre. De los 310 hoteles con los que cuenta la Ciudad, únicamente 6 permanecen cerrados y en observación por cualquier daño que pueda presentarse. Adicionalmente, les compartimos que afortunadamente, ningún otro destino en México ha sido afectado y todos siguen operando normalmente. Por esta razón, no hay motivo alguno para que los visitantes cancelen sus planes de viaje a México.

En Puebla, todas las atracciones turísticas, incluyendo El Teleférico y la Estrella de Puebla permanecen abiertos y en operación. La autopista a Puebla y el aeropuerto siguen abiertos ofreciendo conectividad y acceso a todos los sitios populares del estado y áreas cercanas.

Los reportes recientes del estado de Morelos indican que el 85% de sus hoteles y spas están prestando servicios reiterando que el nivel de coordinación y comunicación entre el gobierno y el INAH se mantienen sumando esfuerzos para la recuperación del estado.

Mientras que en Oaxaca y Chiapas también hubo impacto después del sismo ocurrido este mes, el día de hoy destinos turísticos como la ciudad de Oaxaca, Chiapas, Huatulco y Puerto Escondido siguen operando normalmente.

El Consejo de Promoción Turística de México y toda la industria turística del país, permanecen enfocados en garantizar que los visitantes de las zonas afectadas reciban toda la asistencia necesaria y continúen con sus planes de viaje existentes. El Gobierno de México en todos los niveles y las instancias gubernamentales correspondientes continúan llevando a cabo planes de respuesta y apoyando a las personas afectadas.

Las actualizaciones y el seguimiento sobre la situación se compartirán a medida que se disponga de nueva información.

Gracias por su ayuda y apoyo continuo.

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Consejo de Promoción Turística de México


Thank you for your support